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Colab Factory

Born out of inspiration to provide space and build a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small businesses. Colab Factory in Brooklyn, NY is a place to build your dream. We sat down with Shane Barbanel, Founder to learn more about what it’s like to cowork at CoLab-Factory.

CoLab Factory in Brooklyn NY

CoLab-Factory in Brooklyn, NY

How would you describe your space?

We are a launchpad for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. We provide the space for dreams to be built and the tools to make it easier. We have a Community Manager on board who connects members to each other for business and social link ups. And of course she ensures daily operations, supplies, machinery, mail, just about everything is running so our members don’t sweat the small stuff, we do that for them. And of course we curate some of the best classes and events in Brooklyn!

What are some of your amenities and resources?

Our month-to-month membership includes all utilities, internet, office furniture, conference rooms hours, a cafe, business address, reception, 24/7 hour access, printing and of course kickass coffee.

What Has Helped Your Space To Grow?

The community and brand. We do not need to educate Brooklyn and NYC on coworking, we are in epicenters of tech and people need the space. Our Brand has been the biggest thing, it’s always great to see people “hearing about this space” or events and classes hosted at CoLab-Factory full.

Why CoLab-Factory?

Service. We provide our members the best service, our members also come to us for the education offerings. The CoLab-Factory is a more focused approach to the CoWorking and Office Space Community. We have innovative and inspiring events that include, classes, meet ups and community lunches. Our most recent project? The #BuildYourDream Scholarship for Women Entrepreneurs, this is very exciting we’ve partnered with Lenore Champagne Beirne She is an investor at 645 Ventures and a Entrepreneurship coach at Bright Coaching and we are over the moon to work with her to bring these women a fantastic curriculum to grow their startups!

CoLab-Factory Brooklyn, NY

How Can Coworkers Join CoLab-Factory?

If you are in the Brooklyn area and want to join this exciting community, visit colab-factory.com to learn how to join CoLab-Factory.

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